Empowered Parenting



Learn the 6 Secrets to Attracting Your Child's Connection and Cooperation



Say good-bye to fighting and negativity.


In this course you will learn how to confidently tap into the wisdom that already exists inside of you, so you can parent your children effectively.


You will learn how to build a healthy self-esteem in each child, how to create your own emotional health, how to set effective limits, and even how to reset a relationship that has gone sour. 



...And the best part is that EVERY mother CAN enjoy a beautiful, calm and peaceful family life. (No matter how challenging things may be right now)

Empowered Parenting Course - Online/Zoom


  • 6 Tuesdays at 9 PM
  • Recordings available.
  • Live zoom with Q & A
  • Bonus WhatsApp Chat

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