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Did you know that every human being is born with extreme emotional health?
..Calm, secure, happy, and confident!
The only thing that takes us away from that is our thinking.
In this 6-week speed therapy group, you will learn the step-by-step system you need in order to get back to your natural state of emotional health, no matter what is going on around you!
(While this course creates massive results for anyone looking to grow emotionally, it has been especially helpful to people going through very difficult life circumstances)
Join this February to get your new lease on life!

Emotional Detox Course - Daytime / In Person


  • 6 Mondays at 11:30 AM
  • Q & A at each session
  • Bonus WhatsApp Chat

"Tammy's Foundations of Parenting course truly helped renew my relationship with my son. I can now communicate with him in ways that he knows that he is loved, trusted, and never judged. It has made our bond invincible. Thank you Tammy!"



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