Summer Courses
There Are No “Shoulds” in Life
Positive Parenting
Tammy Sassoon, M.S. ED
What if Your Child Is Bullying Other Children?
Tammy Sassoon, M.S. ED
“It’s Not Fair! Everyone Has It Except Me!”
Building Self-Esteem
Tammy Sassoon, M.S. ED

Why You Should NOT Be a Perfect Parent

Nurturing a Feeling of Self-Worth

How to Connect With Our Children When They Have Made Poor Choices
Tammy Sassoon, M.S. ED

Let’s Stop “Fixing” Our Children!

Fair Does Not Mean the Same 
Tammy Sassoon, M.S. ED
Setting Boundaries
How to Help a Child Who Is in a Behavioral Rut
Peacefully Parenting in Unpredictable Times
How I Repaired a Broken Relationship with My Teenage Son

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