Tammy's Parenting Academy


A Parenting Guide for Busy Mothers of Soon-To-Be Coopereative Kids



All The Tools You Need To Build A Calm Home.


Oftentimes, mothers of strong-willed children come to me distressed, looking for answers.


They want to know how they can get their child to stop talking back, to stop fighting with their siblings, to want to cooperate. 


I will help you turn your home into a super calm, relaxing place, no matter how strong-willed your child is. Parenting is a combination of a solid emotional foundation for you and your children, and strategies that work. It requires patience, work, and heart.


....And the best part is that EVERY mother CAN enjoy a beautiful, calm relationship with every one of her children. NO EXCEPTIONS!     

(Even if your child has been diagnosed with ADD, ODD, ADHD, an Anxiety Disorder, ASD Etc.)


 If you want to learn everything you need to know to parent successfully, you've come to the right place.

In my DIY do-it-yourself program, you will learn how to...

Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Unload Your Own Emotional Baggage

Get Fast Solutions to a Calm Home

End Fighting and Negativity

Stop Misbehaviors

Reset Your Relationships

Unleash the power that already exists inside of you so you'll know what to do, how to do it, and why it works. 

Tammy's Parenting Academy


  • Learn on your own time
  • Get access to 22 short videos tailored to fit your busy schedule
  • Cartoons with right/wrong parenting
  • Homework
  • Not a visual learner? Download transcripts that come with each video
  • 6 recorded sessions of 1 hour each