Monthly Maintenance

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Keep the Momentum Going!


Look at the progress that has been made during your time learning Tammy's proven parenting points. You're starting to feel that renewed beautiful relationship blossoming with your children! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, it's so easy to get caught up in... well... life

That's why Tammy has created a package to keep you on track and to address anything at all that you'd like to talk about!

Get 45 minutes a month, for SIX months with Tammy to discuss any and all of your concerns. Built into this amazing package is an incredible discount you don't want to miss!

Regular price $1050

Package price $750

Savings: $300!


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"Tammy simplifies all the different aspects of parenting making it easy to understand and easier to follow through. I love that I'm able to be part of her community to continue learning and growing as a mother. I love seeing the results and feeling even closer to my children. I feel our relationship getting stronger every day, and I wouldn't have gotten here without Tammy's support." 


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